My Platform

  • Experienced - Former HWRD Chairman - Served on the HWRSD committee for 10 years as a member, secretary, vice chairman and Chairman
  • Team Player - But Not A Rubber StampIt's important to be a team player on the committee to get things done, but it is also important to not go along to get along and just rubber stamp policy and budget proposals.
  • Educated - A.A.S, B.S., MEd., MBA - I not only have a Master's Degree in Education from UMass, I have an MBA from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass earned almost entirely on line. Isenberg is rated as the best on line MBA program in the world.
  • Control Costs with a Fiscally Sound Budget - Every year the district management submits a bigger budget. We have to get a handle on costs with a fiscally song budget
  • Focus on District Wide Policies - We have a regional school district and while it is important to look out for the interests of Wilbraham, we have to look to for the students first no matter which town they live in.
  • Focus on Whats Best for All Students - To often districts measure success on the percentage of students that go on to college. We have to put what is best for the students first and not what makes the district look good. Some students are better served to go into vocational education in high school or to take advantage of dual enrollment status with local colleges.
  • Advocate for Technology - My Masters in Education was in Educational Technology. Technology has changed a lot of over the years and I have kept up on those changes. Technology can be a great asset for our students, a way to offer them more choices, and a way to keep costs down while improving their educational experience.
  • Understands Role of Committee - As a former committee member I have a firm understanding of what the committee does under the Massachusetts Educational Reform Act of 1992.
  • Demand Accountability from Management - The administration manages the schools in the district, but the HWRSD committee controls the budget, policy, and hiring the superintendent. It's their job to make the administration accountable for implementing those policy and using the budget wisely.
  • Data Driven Decisions - The committee has to base decisions on data, performance data of students, how they do compared to other districts in the state and country, even the world, and the budget.
  • Advocate for the entire community - Some members have children in district schools other are former teachers and administrators, but I would be an advocate for the entire community. Not only families with children in our school but all the members of the taxpayers especially the growing number of retired citizens that want to see their tax dollars used wisely.
  • Commitment to Educational Equity - I will be an advocate for all of or students, not just those on a college bond track. Students that want to get a vocational education in high school, special education students, students interested in a career in the Military all need to be treated the same.