D. John McCarthy for School Committee

Q. Is academic achievement at an adequate level in the district? What policies would you support that would enhance or maintain it?

We perform well, with a A- and 2nd in the county in 2020 rating, but there is always room for improvement. In spite of the higher pay for our teachers, Longmeadow out performs our district. They were not only rated A+ and #1 in the Hampden County, they were rated #9 in the state vs. our 55 rating. So higher pay doesn’t necessarily translate into better performance so we need to take that off the table as a way of improving performance. The biggest factor, 50%, in these rating is Academics Grade. We need to work hard to help the underachieving students to do better. That means special attention and help needs to be given to those students, without neglecting the higher achieving students. Resources that do this are important such as reading experts and use of technology

Posted 72 weeks ago