D. John McCarthy for School Committee

Q.  With declining student enrollment effecting both state funds and the assessments to the towns, what policies or initiatives do you support that could limit yearly budget impacts?

Of course the biggest expense in most organizations is labor. Our teachers are already about the highest paid in the area, but that doesn’t stop them from asking for more pay and better benefits. We have to be competitive to attract the best teachers, but we also have to be realistic about our budgets and what the taxpayers can afford. We need to take another look at pay and benefits, privatizing some services, and money savers like dual enrollment, on line courses, and early graduation

We also need to look at different revenue streams besides taxes. We could offer continuing education courses; we have very limited offerings now. The swimming pool is such an expensive luxury that the state wouldn’t subsidize it when the new MRHS was built. My motion to have a separate vote on it was over ridden so we had to pay 100% of the original cost as well as all of the high maintenance costs. Why can’t we open it up to the public before and after school and charge reasonable fees to help pay for the upkeep.

Posted 72 weeks ago