D. John McCarthy for School Committee

Q. With the current pandemic forcing students and teachers to work from home, what policies will you support to enhance the digital literacy and privacy needs of students and staff?answer in 150 words or fewer)

All of our students are what some educators like to call digital natives. I consider myself a digital native as I took my first college courses in computer programing in 1970 and computer use in business and digital photography in the early 1980’s, but some older teachers, called digital immigrants, still need incorporate technology into their curriculum. The model of a teacher standing in front of a classroom and lecturing them that was practiced in the Commonwealths first High School Boston Latin in 1635. The pandemic forced everyone to adopt new methods, but unfortunately union contracts prevented some paralegals from participating but they were paid anyway. Union contracts are a brake on that are not offered in or schools. This is especially important in middle and high school, but could even be applied to our youngest students who are at an age where it is easiest to learn new languages.

Posted 72 weeks ago